Why Kids Make You Fat: …and How to Get Your Body Back Review

Why Kids Make You Fat: …and How to Get Your Body Back

So what is this book about?

It is a book that guides you through weight loss when you are most likely to pile on the pounds….During your first few months of parenthood!

Strangely though this book isn’t just about women who put weight on during pregnancy, this is about men and women who put weight on after the birth of their children.

The author apparently put on 35 pounds after the birth of his son, so he is speaking from experience.

The books philosophy is to build an8 week program to get you losing weight quickly and effectively. At 320 pages it isn’t really a lite read but it is filled with great info.

Is it any good?

Most diet books cut one of the energy groups out of your diet. This doesn’t do that. The focus is on keeping high energy levels whilst losing weight.

The methods are geared towards parents and their busy lives and the approach is set out with this in mind. No need to be hungry either, you are encouraged to eat every 3 hours!

You wont be able to put this book down, every page has something useful. No fluff, just great info to help busy parents lose weight.

Offers you fantastic advise for weight loss and continued healthy living long after the weight has been shed.


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