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These are the 20 reasons why my husband and I quit the Paleo diet exactly a year ago. I’m grateful to it for showing me the beauty of whole foods, but it has also damaged my body pretty bad. As time passed, my thoughts crystallized and I was able to work out the best kind of diet for my own body, which is really called “Listen to your body” diet. I was also able to look back, reflect, and see all the things that went wrong after one year on the Paleo diet. You see, the problem is that the majority of Paleo gurus and leaders are men and they really aren’t the best people to advise women. The Paleo diet may work for a lot of men (however, not all – just look at my husband’s case), but women’s bodies are different. Plus, we are all different and need different things. One diet doesn’t work for everyone.

If you’re wondering, we were following the Primal variation of the Paleo diet (as the one promoted by Mark Sisson on marksdailyapple.com), which allows mostly raw, organic dairy. We tried staying at around 100-150g of carbs and we also tried low carb below 50g (it was a nightmare).

Here’s the article I mentioned about carbohydrates, fertility, and women’s health: http://paleoforwomen.com/carbohydrates-for-fertility-and-health/
Two blog posts I wrote on my blog:
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If you’re on the Paleo diet yourself, what’s your experience been so far? Did you try it in the past and struggled? I’d love to hear from you, especially if you’re a woman.

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Vita xx

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19 thoughts on “Why I Quit The Paleo Diet After 1 Year | A Woman´s Perspective | VitaLivesFree

  1. Watch dr. Esselstyn on youtube!!

    I used to eat Paleo, same negative things. Then I started eating a low fat (low!!, not without) plant based with occasionally (once a week or 1 per 2 weeks) lean meat.

    – more energy
    – lower (slight) fat percentage

    * you have to eat legumes in combination with rice or wheat/bread (to get a lot of protein) and a lot of leafy veggies. Also use a vitamin B12 and D3 supplement. Sometimes I drink soy milk/almond milk with added calcium…

    BUT this is the best diet for me. My Cholesterol also lowered from 5.2 mmol/l to 4.2 mmol/l

  2. I've started the Paleo diet a few months ago, and I like to watch and read stuff against it. For me it's being great, I think it might be because I'm Brazilian and grains just started being eaten here 500 years ago.

  3. i'm sorry but paleo is so dumb to me. and you were having emotional swings because you were undercarbed.

  4. There are two lessons to be learned from this:
    -Everyone is different so there is not just one "perfect" diet for everyone. We vary in our needs.
    -If you try a diet and still feel bad, after a few short weeks of detox, then the diet is not working.

  5. I am a Registered Dental Hygienist with 21yrs experience. I understand that Paleo may effect everyone's body differently BUT I cannot agree with the paleo diet alone causing your teeth or gums to recede. Different foods that may be much more acidic such as pineapples, lemons, limes, tomatoes, or strawberries can cause enamel erosion or etching which thins your enamel and can cause increased sensitivity to hot, cold and even biting/chewing. Aggressive tooth brushing will also cause tooth sensitivity and recession of the gum tissue.

  6. I am so happy you are off this insane diet! More people need to realise the effects before it's too late

  7. So happy you found what works for you. Me, on Paleo, I lost 44lbs in 12 months, reversed type 2, reversed HBP & Elev cholesterol. No longer tired in the morning. Loving all the veg we eat now.

  8. The real paleo diet had plenty of carbs and little meat. The modern paleo diet has nothing to do with how people ate in the Paleolithic. Also ask where in the Paleolithic, and when in the Paleolithic.

  9. Vita, you're beautiful….glad it's working out for you….and you have the courage to talk about what works for you….

    Everyone is different……just like our fingerprints…we're all different.

    Think about this….God is all powerful…would he want to bore himself with one scenario of human destiny and "way of living"…of course not.

    We're here for three reasons:
    1) we need to find out what we're here for; what is our best destiny?
    2) we're here to help out each other with #1.
    3) We need to find God to figure out #1,….and hence #2 as well.

    CU in the future.

  10. Your video made me kind of sad because Paleo has been so good to my body and I keep thinking: May be she didn't do it right…

    Some things you mentioned don't resonate with me, at all. What I thought especially curious was that you talked of being constipated. I was living on a vegan diet for three years before I started paleo and was used consuming big amounts of vegetables on a daily basis. With that much fibre it was a struggle not become the opposite of constipated and I continued with this under paleo.
    So it made me wonder what you ate in a day…
    Also, as I don't include grains, legumes or dairy in a strict paleo diet – three major factors that can cause constipation – I have never been confronted with that problem. Especially cheese: the beta-casomorphin-7 in a A1 dairy products not only speaks to the opiate receptors in your nervous system but literally puts your intestines to sleep… Back in the early 2000s there was a study that researched SIDS in relation to BCM from dairy (the one in breast milk is different, by the way). It suggested that BCM in A1 milk puts the part of a baby's brain to "sleep" that controlls breathing, therefore causing sleep apnea.

    Another surprising symptom were your bad teeth and gums. On my vegan diet my eye teeth started to become kind of see-through at the tips which worried me a lot.
    However, this quickly reversed under paleo. After doing a bit of reading on the subject, I came to the conclusion that the gluten and lectines of my vegan diet were robbing me of nutrients. (By the way casein is similar to gluten in its protein structure) I also consumed lots of nuts – totally ignorant of the fact, that some of them are too high in omega-6 fatty acids and that they contain anti-nutrients that prevent your body from having access to whatever good stuff is in the food your consuming together with the nuts. You should either soak them or never eat to much and eat them seperately from your "normal" foodstuff.

    On the paleo diet my acne (which I had for 20!!! years) cleared up, my pre-athritic knee condition vanished into thin air. I no longer suffer from pollen allergy and dry eye. All of which accumulated over the years and which I put up with by thinking, oh well, I'm getting old.

    The only thing I miss from my gluten-based diet is that I don't have these super highs in energy anymore. Before, I used to get like this "spike" from eating pasta or bread made of wheat.
    But I never experienced lethargy like you described. I need less sleep now – before it was at least 8 hours, now I function really well on six.
    My fitness level stayed the same – I have to admit that I can't feel any difference, though I always kept very fit, and thus maintain a certain level.

    So by writing this novel-length comment 😉 I hoped to give you some food for thought on what could have gone wrong during your paleo diet.

    Best wishes

  11. I'm glad you posted this video also, because people don't realize that all meat isn't great for the body. What interested me is all the issues you had. It really sounds like you had a thyroid condition. After all, the thyroid is hormonal, and I know, I have a low thyroid. I do take medication that makes it normal, but you sound like what I had after having low thyroid. Your hair will get dry, also you can lose hair, and the oils that make your hair healthy. It makes your skin dry, and will enhance issues to do with acne, or dry skin.It also makes your nails weak. It also affects memory and can give you headaches. The biggest sign of the condition is that you are very tired. I am very happy you are back on a normal type of diet, food routing, however you want to put it. I'm also (as a vegetarian), glad you dropped all the meat. By the way, the biggest issue people have on the Atkins diet (lots more meat), is that they become constipated. Anyone who believes you can be "regular" without fruit and grains is nuts. It affects so much, including your moods, as it affects your hormones, and as a woman our hormones affect us greatly. Anyway, not to go on, but after seeing the video, it totally made sense to me… I am very happy you are back on track, and it sounds like you are really paying attention to what your body wants. I know when my body craves something, I almost always found out later that I was lacking in something that my craving contained (not sugar however, I think that works its own evil)!!! By the way, the lumps on your neck were probably due to the fact that your immune system is not healthy, as you weren't eating the nutrients you needed. You are so beautiful, and look so healthy that whatever you are doing now seems to be working. Listen to your body, and I'm happy you are eating less meat. No matter how some vegans act holier than thou, and are hateful to anyone who uses animal products, I don't agree. I think they way to assist people into eating less meat, or none, is to educate them. Not just on the humane reasons, but on the health reasons. I think we all have our own time to make decisions for ourselves, and when that time comes, we listen. You seem open-minded, which is why you try new things, and I appreciate that you share them with those that may get some help from what you have gone through… :)

  12. +seraphx26 Yes, I think the Paleo diet can be a great starting point or a framework, but I don't see any point in restricting perfectly healthy foods like potatoes, legumes, and non-gluten grains. The thing is if you start eating those things, it can't be called Paleo anymore. It's just a balanced real whole foods diet. So glad you found what works for you! xx

  13. You make a good point about paleo being different for a lot of women Vita, I've heard that from many of my own female friends on the diet, it's worked wonders for me as I am still on it to this day, but in my experience Paleo is great once you get the fine tuning taken care of, I feel like many people start with the basic template and don't really experiment enough after the initial adjustment period.

    I hope you and your husband continue to enjoy great health and find the best way that works for you.

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