Truth About Paleo Diet

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In this episode Elliott talks the truth about Paleo eating.


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18 thoughts on “Truth About Paleo Diet

  1. Elliot, just because something is "natural" does not make it better or right. It's actually a logical fallacy called "Appeal to nature". You can Google it you'd like. You say organic or paleolithic foods or foods like your Dad ate are better but you fail to use any real evidence to back up your claim other than an "Appeal to Nature". Likewise if somebody writes in at least put in some effort into trying to say their name. To just dismiss them and say "I can't say even pronounce this shit" is a dick move.

  2. I think a lot of guys are missing the point of what Elliot was saying in this video. He's saying "eat how old worlders ate" meaning, just eat! Eat what's available to you but wholesome, rich foods that fit your macros.
    Protein-meats, nuts, beans, milk, eggs
    Carbs-rice, fruit, whole grains, potatoes, sweet potatoes, oats
    Fats-meats, beans, nuts, legumes,

    It's eating what ISNT processed and can (in most cases) be obtained naturally or from the land.

    Palio diets are high in protein and medium amounts of carbs and fats. It's not really a great bulking or cutting meal plan but fits somewhere in the middle. But as a whole, if you alter your macros to fit your goals and still follow the basic philosophy of the diet, it works

  3. hahaha man you just AWAKEN the almost silent Africa in me after watching this video,damn thought none have this thinking till i hear you spit it raw,how i miss to slaughter goat and have the blood in a bowl boiled,while the intestines clean and nicely waved then boiled or roasted.then serve with the boiled blood thats so thicken and smooth.damn beautiful memories i know many will say ooh u so mean,yet so true they go to the super markets buy chickens without knowing how they killed,once i fucking saw how this austrians kill chicken,hahah shocked,or bullets in the head damn which of this is just nail the bitter truth and just cant wait till i get back home again for some real warrior meals.thanks for awaken my inner spirit and feeling like yes some one believe like i do.
    you the mannnnn ELLIOT::

  4. Oh, just throw him your wallet and run. What a foul-mouth.
    Fry the intestines in the blood of the pig? Well, I guess you are what you eat.
    Judging from the way this guy talks you get the impression he never got past kindergarten.

  5. Many of you are missing the point I think. Gettin all wrapped up in the hair splitting. Eat unprocessed foods. Lots of bright colored vegetables and fruits, nuts, meat (and for the vegetarians, well, make sure you are getting protein with a full amino profile since you aren't eating meat.) That's all you need. It's not complicated at all. It's delicious as fuck too.

  6. Look at this guy crying about how his Dad had to eat pig guts fried in blood. Food is for nutrition and energy nothing else. 1st worlders seem to think its supposed to be fun and a creature comfort

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