The Truth About Paleo

The Truth About Paleo – Good Life Project® founder, Jonathan Fields, interviews The Paleo Manifesto author, John Durant

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19 thoughts on “The Truth About Paleo

  1. Paleo looks like another tweak on the low carb diet. Why follow all the 'rules' of paleo? Make up your own diet & include the foods YOU like to eat. That way, you can stay on it.

  2. Do you know that American men are the only men in the world who put on this obnoxious raspy-voice? It's awful. Stop doing it!

  3. I like this guy, he makes a lot of good points with detachment and no "dictatorial" agenda. One of the points that makes a lot of sense to me that we rarely hear about is variety, so as not to overload with the same "elements". In a sense it's akin to crop rotation.. and that's a major luxury many societies and ancestral societies could not indulge in.

    @38:00 My exact view.

  4. I think it is bit of rubbish to be honest, i do think the diet is healthy enough, but not through any magic or caveman bullshit, it is purely because to stick with a diet so strict means, no junk/packaged food, basically you can only buy food from the vegetable/meat section of the supermarket, and of course if anyone give up junk food they will be healthier, no need to read books, or join blogs, just try to eat plenty of fruit/veggies and meat products and be more active, and you will be healthy.

  5. This guy talks like an absolute expert in medicine, history, geology, religion, paleontology, geography, archaeology, nutrition and carbon-dating.

    But is he really?

  6. Great video! The Paleo Manifesto is an incredible book. It contains a lot of wisdom and is one of those books that can alter your way of living.
    In my video review about this book I think I found at least 3 major points…

  7. I was totally on board until you condoned religion. I was born Roman Catholic and have been Atheist for about 5 years now. All religion takes away Free Thought from people, and basically turns many of them into sheep. It gives people reason to discriminate and mistreat others, in many cases, without feeling any guilt.

    Does religion help some people? Of course it does, but for many of us who can reason and think clearly, it's not a choice.

  8. I think whether you are into diets defined by low sugar, organic, unprocessed, raw, paleo, whatever …..they are all a good step towards what i think is the best:
    traditional diets.
    These are very, very different geographically and yet….they nearly all produce excellent results. Some eat almost nothing but fat and meat. Some eat veggies fruits and meat. Some fish. Some drink blood. But they ate based on ancestral knowledge of food preparation…and local availability.

    And yes they did often eat grains. They soaked fermented and/or sprouted nuts and seeds and grains. That is key.

  9. It doesn't matter whether you are a vegan/Vegetarian or a meat eater. The common sense thing would be to eliminate the things that you should not be eating like processed foods, sugar and fast food. 

  10. yes there may be some uncertainty as to what exactly paleo diet actually was.. and it could be looked at as a fad – often adapted in a variety of ways. but the basic premise is simple. our bodies are genetically disposed to doing much better when eating as we have for most of our time on Earth. DNA doesn't change that fast. the comments when discussing Paleo digress to topics like GMO's politics fadism and a lot which is beside the point.

  11. from one lab: '229 hunter gathers societies studied: average meat intake 55 % calories meat  the balance from plants' (paraphrased). the anthropogenic comment -nice ten dollar word –  is besides the point – generally the stuff in wrappers is far interior to that which is in the paleo diet – modern pollutents etc notwithstanding

  12. A lot of what he says makes sense ….we tend to worry about the outside of our bodies but never the inside and hes really saying you are what you eat

  13. Paradise existed here on earth before the advent of agriculture. Wheat. The forbidden fruit. Did you really believe that it was an apple?
    18 Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field;
    19 In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground

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