the Paleo Diet (an Introduction for Beginners) – Over a year now practicing this diet, I’ve been asked countless times: why and how did I go about it? I try to explain the best I can, under ten minutes about the Paleo diet and the lifestyle change that follows.
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20 thoughts on “the Paleo Diet (an Introduction for Beginners)

  1. Thanks Steve! Just looked into the paleo diet and you were the first video or source of information I've used and it was a good impression. My one question is how do you cook your meats? Baked or grilled mostly?

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  3. Bitch, why can't you just properly sit and voice up instead of fucking dancing and squeaking like a pig

  4. how do you know cavemen didn't have access to sugar cane? and wheat? those are natural plants, right? i say, if it comes from the ground or an animal it should be ok. maybe paleo isn't what i'm looking for. i just want natural.

  5. every one who reads this comment should have a juicer in addition to their high speed blender. use the juice extract in your blender for the liquid to get it going if you want.
    and then start juicin everything you can. the plant kingdom rules. we love it.

  6. Paleo seems expensive. Yeah it's deadly if you don't eat healthy but for those on limited budgets and 3 mouths to feed, it seems rough.

  7. I really like this guy's style! But Paleo diets are known in the medical industry to promote infections in the lower gut. It's a pity because I love meat.

  8. Do you allow your toddler sugar? I know sugar is the enemy but sometimes I really struggle with always saying no to the kids..

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