The Paleo Diet 101 – Make your body fat disappear

The Paleo Diet.

What is it? How will it help you live lean? And how can you start today? Welcome to The Paleo Diet 101 – here on today’s episode of Live Lean TV.

My goal is to simplify the Paleo Diet phenomenon for you with this video in 5 mins or less.

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20 thoughts on “The Paleo Diet 101 – Make your body fat disappear

  1. Downloading the book will certainly make $47 disappear, which means less money to buy a Big Mac and fries. Maybe that's the secret. BTW, all skeletons are lean, how do you know "cavemen" were lean unless a large number have been preserved intact?

  2. Here's a tweak of Paleo is one cannot handle it, or believes it is quite restrictive – yet, wants to enjoy a health lifestyle. Eat only thing you can 'pronounce'. If you're going to eat 'bread' only eat bread with ingredients you can pronounce, and sprouted bread is the best. 'Modern' wheat (most wheat in America) doesn't even remotely resemble the wheat of biblical times.

    And, if you're going to consume grains, at least mix it up. Not, wheat, wheat, wheat. Millet, Amaranth, rice, Quinoa (which by the way is a seed). Have 'almond flour' bread, etc., etc. Just stop with the wheat wheat wheat, diet.

  3. you are telling people other people's lies… so maybe people should check Christina Warinner on TED debunking paleo. ( you can find it on youtube)

  4. Actually, he is giving some false information regarding paleo. Paleo, referring to cavemen, can mean something different depending on geography. Some caveman diets did include grains and dairy depending on geography according to Harvard studies.

  5. TBH, low carb diet is really the thing over paleo. You may have trouble sleeping on paleo diet but on low carb, I was in best shape and found it easy to sleep.

  6. I love paleo but I find myself 'cheating' by eating things like choc date cake made with dates/honey and cocoa powder, and 'fried sweet potato cakes' although technically 'paleo' I can't help thinking I'm doing this wrong/cheating?

  7. I'm not clear why dairy should be avoided. Milk is what babies have depended on for the entire history of mammals.

  8. All diets ultimately fail because your body will always win as it wants to revert back to it's natural default state from birth which is "Homeostasis".  This is a diet free state which all humans are born in. Diets are stressful to both the body and mind and it is the reason we seek out comfort foods mainly carbohydrates as they relax us and help to create serotonin which is critical to good mood and a feeling of happiness and optimism  and that is why nature provided them. Diets can be useful short term when we are sick such as diabetes type 2, fatty liver, insulin problems and various metabolic disorders mainly coming from high sugar processed foods, but high fat and low carb is not the answer long term !!. Diets of daily animal protein and fat can be highly acidic to your system making you feel irritable and uncomfortable and not healthy long term as opposed to more gentle alkaline foods.  The human body is to complex to say everyone should just eat HFLC 365 days a year. Diets are too prescriptive and not sustainable long term. All we need do is remove man made processed foods and whatever is left will be what nature intended us to eat. It is man made processed carbs that are the problem and not natural carbs which contain a mixture of natural sugar, fibre and vitamins ( as nature intended ). With regards to abundant health, the answer is simple – we can either eat from the sick plate of man, or of what nature provides !!  It's rather sad to know that natural carbs have been given a bad name all because of the real culprit which is man made processed carbs.  We crave  carbs for a reason, because they play an important role in our biological / physiological and emotional make up and it is completely normal and natural to eat them ( unprocessed ).  Unprocessed carbs as I have stated are a wonderful complete food from nature's kitchen and they have fibre, vitamins and natural sugar, the way nature intended and they also help to raise our serotonin levels and make us feel happy and sociable.  Low serotonin results in a more irritable antisocial and depressed state with a self critical negative attitude.  Please do not turn your back on nature and fool yourself by thinking carbohydrates are the enemy,  a balanced natural diet will never fail or cause cravings. many people crave carbohydrates — especially cookies, candy, or ice cream —  when they feel upset, depressed, or tired. Researchers at MIT and other major universities world wide, including here in England have studied this relationship with stress, low mood and carbohydrates, they are convinced that the carbohydrate craving is related to decreases in the feel-good hormone serotonin, which is marked by a decline in mood and concentration. Professor Wurtman  states when you eat carbs, your body makes more serotonin, the feel-good hormone that is boosted when you are on an antidepressant. Eating the carbs, she says, is an attempt to undo the depressed mood.That is one of the reasons  a diet low in carbohydrates cannot be sustained by most people and they will inevitably revert back to a more balanced, non-restrictive dietary approach as this is less stressful to the body and mind. I follow no particular diet, I just eat a clean, balanced healthy way

  9. saw at least 100 vegan vids. this in 5 min makes more sense than all those long vegan propaganda based shams. And this guy looks like a human being. all vegans look and act like freaks. WTF? that guy that calls himself duranrider is the king of freaks. how can anyone listen to him?

  10. Ey brad im 15 and tryna lose weight. Idk if i should try this cause im still a growing boy and i dont know if low carbs would be good for my hormones

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