The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight

The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight

The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight

Haylie Pomroy has helped countless clients lose up to 20 pounds in just 4 weeks –all through the fat-burning power of food. Hailed as “the metabolism whisperer,” Haylie reminds us that food is not the enemy, it’s the rehab needed to rev-up your sluggish, broken-down metabolism and turn your body into a fat-burning furnace.
On this plan you’re going to eat a lot. You’re going to eat three full meals and at least two snacks a day – and you’re still going to lose weight.

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3 thoughts on “The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight

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    Fantastic Results **UPDATED 1/23/2015**, March 17, 2014
    Bluebird (Atlanta, GA) –

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    I have been on this program for 7 days so far. I know it may seem a bit early to post a review, but wanted to do so now for two reasons; first, I am excited by my results so far – I have already lost 9 pounds – and second, I was dismayed by the inaccurate review (V. Canfield) that deterred me from trying this diet program months ago.
    First – about me so you know what you are dealing with. This is my first Amazon review ever. I am at least 60 pounds over weight. I have lost (and gained back) weight on at least three different programs and know I will lose weight with Weight Watchers if I really work at it and am very patient – but I knew it would take a long time and lots of deprivation to lose all that I need to lose to improve my health. Before I found this book I was pretty discouraged. I am tired of counting calories and had already worked out for myself that “calories” are a largely inaccurate concept when applied to food. I am pre-diabetic and have joint and skin issues. If that seems like too much sharing, I apologize. Personally, I hate reading reviews without enough information to understand the writer’s point of view.
    I read the basic details provided above and knew adhering to this program would involve a huge change in my lifestyle. I have a friend (a tiny, little friend who needed to lose about 20 pounds) who had lost weight on the FMD and she loved it. She loved the app and just followed it – but I needed more convincing. More motivation. When I first read about the diet I was hoping for something easier, looking for a way to eat more of what I love (cheese, sugar and corn) and wanting a magic wand. Then I read V. Canfield’s review and it gave me the excuse I was looking for – I told my friend that the diet was a starvation program it would be unhealthy to eat so few ‘calories’. She was surprised and told me that she never got hungry and had a hard time eating all of the food on the program. I went on WW Simply Filling program and told myself it would be ok – I would just have to starve and work out for years – sigh. I lost 3 pounds in two weeks and then I gained it all back – plus one more.
    I went to the FMD website and read more and more about it. Desperate to stave off impending diabetes, I decided I would just buy the book and read it. I read it twice. I got excited about the science and appreciated the psychology of constantly changing things up every few days. It took me 3 weeks of organization and food testing and tasting to get ready to try the diet. I cleaned out at least half of my pantry and my fridge and finally convinced my husband to give it a try (he needs to lose 35 pounds).
    We eat constantly. Sometimes I don’t think I can get all of the food down. I am NEVER hungry – and I really like the food. I hate lettuce and celery and really prefer fried food to grilled; I can’t tell you how much I love icing – but I discovered something new – I LOVE real food. Who knew? Blueberries and strawberries taste sweet to me now and I had no idea how much better organic hummus tastes. And calories? Today I am scheduled to eat 1785 “calories”. I am down 9 pounds and my husband lost 7. My skin is clearer. Unbelievably we can both see a difference in our bellies – I have lost 15 pounds before and not seen this much change. This is exciting.
    I find it very sad that V. Canfield’s inaccurate representation of the program (the calorie counts artificially assume that you can only eat from the cook book, chooses some very lean recipes and then ignores that veggies are unlimited) review has turned so many people away from this program.
    If you are inclined to be swayed by V. Canfield – please read the FMD website first. Note that this diet has a great many creditable proponents and has obviously worked for so many people. I kept trying to find detractors and really couldn’t – other than V. Canfield who not only seems to be a sort of semi-professional “commenter” but, based on the review, didn’t even try the program.
    Change takes work. This is a program that makes that work more of an eating evolution – not a life time of deprivation.
    ****UPDATE**** 1/7/2015. I have been on the FMD program for 9 months now (except for the period between Thanksgiving and New Years Day) and have lost 95 pounds! I stuck to the program religiously until September – so 6 months. Then I started eating on the maintenance plan (basically phase 3 with the food from all the phases thrown in) and I continued to lose weight – just more slowly. When I get stuck, I just do a couple of phase 2 days and that usually helps me to lose a couple of pounds. I absolutely love eating this way. I feel fantastic and have left all of my health problems behind. I have energy to spare. I truly understand the concept of using food as medicine now. Beginning Thanksgiving week, I started eating holiday foods – so sugar, corn, wheat etc. The first week or so I was careful to just…

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    Challenging But Worth It – A Wealth of Great Information, January 31, 2013
    Bill Cashell “Author of The Emotional Diet” (Omaha, Nebraska) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight (Hardcover)
    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
    The cover of this book makes a bold promise: “Lose up to 20 pounds in 28 days – Eat More Food & Lose More Weight”. This idea combined with the suggestion of a faster metabolism sounds like a dream come true.

    So, who is Haylie Pomroy and why should we listen to her? A quick Google search found a video segment on TV program “Access Hollywood” about how stars like Cher, Jennifer Lopez and Robert Downey Jr. go to this celebrity nutritionist to shape their great bodies. She looks fantastic and talks about avoiding unnatural foods such as fat-free, artificial sweeteners and chemical additives. She tells us to eat a healthy breakfast within 45 minutes of waking to rev up our metabolism (the book says 30 minutes). I can tell already that this is based on sound information and not another fad diet.

    As the title suggests, this book is about creating a faster metabolism to burn more calories. The author exposes myths and truths about metabolism and how many people have created a slow metabolism. Some are real eye openers like “It’s not about calorie counting” and “deserts do not make you fat”. Okay, I really want to know more.

    The program itself consists of a 28 day plan followed by guidelines for fast metabolism living. It is divided into different phases, each with a purpose.
    Phase 1 – Unwind Stress. High glycemic, moderate protein, low fat phase.
    Phase 2 – Unlock Fat Stores. High protein, high vegetable, low carb, low fat phase.
    Phase 3 – Hormones, Heart & Heat. High healthy fat, moderate carb, moderate protein, low glycemic fruit.
    Each phase has a list of foods to select from with recommended exercise type.

    At first glance, I thought this might be too restrictive for many people to follow. You have to give up wheat, corn, dairy, soy, refined sugar, caffeine (please don’t take my coffee), alcohol (kill me now and get it over with), fruit juice and artificial sweeteners.

    The author does give compelling reasons for these changes along with advice for anticipated challenges. For example, if you can’t give up your coffee, eat first. Coffee on an empty stomach is a metabolism killer because it pulls sugar from your muscles to balance hormones. Refined sugar will weaken your immune system by 50 percent for two hours after you eat it. Interesting stuff. She does remind us that this is a 28 day program and not something you have to do for life.

    Haylie does give us suggestions for customizing the plan as well as dealing with the emotional landmines and pitfalls that may pop up along the way. There are times when I question how we might stick to this and then she reminds of the benefits and I feel inspired again. She also realizes that we are human with emotional ties to food. There are four weeks of recipes included.

    This is not a program you have to stick to the rest of your life, and she suggests repeating the program (or a week or two of it) on a regular basis to keep your metabolism going fast if you have not been able to maintain the basic process. Some of the rules she gives are so important that you will probably learn to live with them. I may never look at corn, wheat and soy the same way again.

    Does it work? My wife applied most of the techniques suggested in the book (no, she didn’t give up her coffee) and lost nearly 10 lbs. Admittedly, she was not following it as strictly as suggested, and still saw results. There appears to be additional benefits as well. I gave the book to a friend with celiac disease, who was anxious to try this after seeing the author on the Dr. Oz show. After completing one cycle, she said her temperature rose significantly which she said is a sign that her thyroid levels are improving.

    Bottom line: The book is loaded with great information about how your body works with gentle nudges to help you stay on track. The author has a personal writing style with a combination of facts and stories that make this book very readable. Some people will still have a problem giving up some of their favorite foods because it can be restrictive. Still, the knowledge you gain makes this book a “must read”.

    Bill Cashell – Author of “The Emotional Diet”


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    Stunned @ how easy this is – how healthy I feel after 2 weeks. This is healthy weight loss., May 2, 2013

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I was in top shape when I got pregnant at 40 years old. In the past 3 years I’ve been unable to lose 30 pounds – sadly – I gained weight after losing most of my baby weight. My metabolism died essentially – I worked from home and sat most of the day. I ate every left over carb snack my son left on his plate and at my largest meal at 9pm. I couldn’t find the time to include exercise into our busy lives since my husband has a very challenging work schedule. It was a nightmare – each month I saw the scale go up, my energy go down, sleep issues, etc. I saw the author on Dr Oz and thought this made sense and i would try it for 28 days – what did I have to lose. The first week – I lost 3 pounds – and I followed the plan to the T except I wasn’t used to eating as much food as I needed to. The second week I lost an additional 5 pounds but what I noticed the most was lost of inches. I’m in the middle of my third week and I’m down 2 pounds – and I will admit I cheated because I’ve had a very stressful week. What is stunning to me is how TERRIFIC I feel. Not only did I lose inches around my body – I went from size 14 to 12 already. I am having the hardest time eating enough food to be honest. Now unless you really have terrible eating habits – meaning you eat everything from a package that is processed and not considered REAL food – this isn’t so challenging. I’m a foody – I LOVE exotic cheese and coffee has sustained me for the past 3 years. Oddly – I don’t miss them – though as I get closer to my goal weight I know I can go back to eating them responsibly. So – I started Phase 1 on a Monday because I thought it would be more enjoyable to eat my good fats on the Friday/Sat/Sun. The hardest part is Phase 2 for me because I hate protein. The best part of this is you have a family is that your family can eat like you do – they can add in the extra’s that we’ve eliminated, but it’s very easy to make only 1 meal for all.

    So – to give you an idea how I’m doing this:
    Monday/Tuesday -PHASE 1: I cook steel oats that I’ve let soak overnight so they cook more quickly in the am. I add either baked apples I make in my toaster oven or strawberry’s & chopped pineapple. Who knew this would be the most delicious combo? I add butter, milk and some brown sugar into my sons bowls. Family breakfast served. Oh – I also have an herbal tea. Who cares – I still drink the amount of water I’m supposed to. Can I add my 44 year old skin is looking fabulous!

    Snack – I have strawberry’s and tangerines with my son and our play- dates at the park. Fun for all.

    Lunch – I love cook either quinoa and veggies (not my fav), made the turkey, white bean & kale soup (was quite good) or brown rice stir fry with chicken, and an piece of fruit.

    Snack – a pear or an apple

    Dinner – I ALWAYS have a pasta – my favorite is the brown rice pasta from Trader Joes. I make my own sauce with a can of San Marzano tomatoes, garlic, basil, salt & pepper – delicious and simple. Now – do let me say I’m an Olive Oil snob – and I’ve been living comfortably without it. Go figure. And then I add perhaps some grilled chicken on the side of my pasta. I’ve been eating up to 3 cups of pasta by the way and am losing a good amount of weight. She says you have to eat more if you need to lose more than 20 pounds. YEAH for that.

    LOVE PHASE 1 – Phase 2 – not so much. I hate protein and consider myself and carbovoire.
    Breakfast – My husband makes us poaches eggs, chicken sausage and usually a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. (I usually go for the whole grain toast and lost of butter,) But, now I eat the egg whites and give the poached yolk to our dog, have turkey bacon and slices of celery with lime juice and salt. I have to say this is surprisingly good – lime juice and celery. Did I say I hate Phase 2? Not because I’m never full – because I love carbs. But, I’m VERY satisfied.

    Snack – I eat turkey jerky and 5oz while at the park with the kiddies. I’ve turned every mom friend on to the stuff at Trader Joes. Even my 3 year old devours it.

    Lunch – I’ve been making Korean BBQ Beef – and I haven’t eaten beef in over 15 years. LITTLE tiny slivers with a BRAGGS, garlic, ginger, onion and YES – a little brown sugar that isn’t on the list but it helps carmelize the beef on the grill. I put this over a salad with lime juice and it’s simply delicious and satisfying. I also use chicken and turkey, but I need the FLAVOR to swallow protein. I’m hoping I don’t become a meat eating mad woman because of this Phase 2. oiy!

    Snack – Tuna with cut up veggies, salt & pepper with slices of Red Pepper. Super yummy.

    Dinner – I love her Pork Loin & Peppercini recipe – with I could have it with rice – but I eat it with a salad.

    SO HAPPY WHEN PHASE 2 is over!

    TGIF & Bring on the weekend with Phase 3.
    Breakfast -Dang am I a happy woman when Friday comes. THREE…

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