The Atkins Diet Documentary

Dr Robert Atkins was a cardiologist. His diet was based on his own experience trying to lose weight. The Atkins Diet has become the most loved and hated fad diet in history.

It is loved by people who have tried it and actually lost weight. It is hated by people who fear it.

When this diet idea was released to the world in the 70s, there was little scientific data to back it’s theory. This state of unknown is the cause of fear and distrust in the diet.
Key doubts over the Atkins diet used to be :

How can one lose weight eating without counting calories?
How can one eat so much fat and not get sick?

I say ‘used to be’ because now there exists growing evidence in biochemistry and physiology to prove why this diet is the better option than the traditional low fat low calorie idea.

The generally accepted ‘low fat and low calorie’ advice of the last 3 decades resulted in people consuming more refined carbohydrate at the expense of fat and protein. People only got fatter.

In my article, Fad Diet Comparison: Which actually works and how we should interpret the results, scientific trials demonstrated the fact that not only did the Atkins diet help people lose more weight than other diets, it also changed the blood profile of the dieters more positively than the other diets. The Atkins diet actually reduced one’s risk to heart disease.

We are lucky today to have more information at our disposal. We have no excuse any more to diet wrong. Yet people still resist change, stick to dated ideas and lose control of their metabolism.
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20 thoughts on “The Atkins Diet Documentary

  1. I'm enjoying this presentation, but these close ups of people sloshing down the food is giving me the heebee geebees!

  2. people act like they absorb everything they eat. you can't even get a vitamin in through digestion entirely.

  3. I measure energy in Joules. The way to reduce weight is to fast and use your mind much more since the brain uses twenty percent of the energy intake. My guess is a diet high in fat and protein is the sure road to Type II diabetes. You have to be rich to have the Atkins diet and Type II diabetes will certainly cause you to shed the kilos. The true cause of over eating is probably emotional hunger.

  4. I feel like this documentary is captain OBVIOUS! Is it new knowledge that protein makes you feel full?

  5. Watch "Forks Over Knives." It's backed up by real science and real medical doctors. I lost 30 pounds from it without even exercising. It will also help you reverse diseases and get off of your medication. Unlike Atkins, it will also lower your cholesterol. My dad did it, and he's no longer pre-diabetic! No starving yourself either. 

  6. Is anyone else bothered by how many times they film people shoveling food in their mouth and chewing in this documentary? Idk why but it got on my nerves lol. Also this isn't a diet where you can constantly be eating, phase 1 is restricting me to 22-25 net carbs a day nowhere have I heard that you can be constantly eating on this diet. kind of misinforming.

  7. I have been on Atkins induction for three and a half months and lost a considerable amount of weight. However I hit these stalls where I can go a full week without losing a single pound. So my remedy has been to carb cycle with pizza. If I gorge on pizza one evening and restart induction the next day by the seventh day I lose anywhere between 7 and 10 pounds. Then after roughly three weeks on strict induction the weight loss starts tapering off so I again eat my pizza and that always seems to "jump start" the weight loss. Right now I am in a stall so tomorrow is pizza night! This has been my experience your results may vary.

  8. excuse me!!!! throw away healthy food 3:48!!! this is insane, I don't even want to try this nasty diet, I've seen enough

  9. I did Atkins for 6 days only but that wasn't easy as they keep on saying. You can only eat meat, poultry and eggs and more meat. You are allowed a little bit of lettuce and pretty much nothing else. After 6 days I felt constipated and desperately wanted vegetables. I lost 3 kg in 6 days (probably most of it was water weight) but it's not something I will ever do again. Too hard for me.

  10. Wow! For being uploaded late 2013 this video leaves out a ton of research on why low carb diets such as Atkins works so well. It's all about blood sugar levels and insulin. Interesting bit at the end about protein and feeling sated, but leaving out so much more evidence of human biological chemistry. Overweight people (typically) have developed an intolerance for carbohydrates or rather their cells have become resistant to insulin which is released into the blood when blood sugar (glucose) levels increase.  I'm not going to write a book here, but I invite anyone to do some simple googling on insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.  If you eat a diet high in carbs and live a sedentary lifestyle you will, with a high probability, become obese.

  11. Read the RCT study called The A to Z Weight Loss Study performed at Stanford by a vegan researcher.

  12. even though you are allowed to eat what you want. know the difference between feeling full and overeating.

  13. lots of good historical info .   and test results that will surprise you . its like a murder mystery trying to figure this stuff out

  14. BBC… fairly deficient presentation of physiology nutrition metabolism.
    quite the fanfare of cherry picked hype..  : (
    Shame, as the wide audience will not understand that a calorie is not a calorie, and that it is well known that it is what your body does to the food that you ingest is what is important, and, that what you eat will either create disease or help mitigate and heal a diseased state, and more important prevent dysfunction, and generate wellness.

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