South Beach Diet

Arthur Agatston, MD is the person who came up with the south beach diet. He is a cardiologist based in Florida who was looking for ways to reduce his patients risk of heart disease and diabetes.

His solution was the South beach diet. It works by eating before you get hungry, and cutting out the carbs. The result of this is a diet heavy in protein, veg and fresh fruit and also monitoring when you eat them.

South Beach Diet Phases

Like the Atkins diet, this relies on a sequence of phases rather than just plunging straight in and going for it….Although you pretty much do just plunge in and go for it!

Phase 1

Phase 1 involves the hardest part of the south beach diet. You need to stick to high protein, low carb and low fat diet and the worse part….No alcohol!

Whole grains and fruit are off the menu as well but you can eat fresh veg. You should stay in phase one for 2 weeks to balance your blood sugar levels out.

Remember to eat before hunger strikes. You can still eat three meals a day and you will soon get an idea of what times you are usually hungry. If you feel hunger starting to come on, eat a healthy snack, a carrot and a glass of water will usually do the trick and then occupy your mind doing something else.

And just because you are avoiding carbs, doesn’t mean you can pig out on everything else. Stick to three healthy meals a day plus healthy snacks.

During phase 1 of the south beach diet you will see rapid weight loss and it is designed to try and stave off hunger for when you get to the remaining phases.

Phase 1 food list

Phase 2

During phase 2 you can start to introduce more carbs. Brown rice for example can be eaten in phase 2. You can also introduce fruit back into your diet.

While phase 1 designed to kickstart your weight loss and stop hunger, Phase 2 is designed for continued weight loss by building healthy meals and controlling carb intake.

Phase 2 food list

Phase 3

When you reach phase 3 you will probable have lost a lot of weight. Phase 3 is designed to help you maintain that weight. you can gradually start including more carbs and different foods back into your diet, but don’t overdo it. You want to gradually increase your carbs and sweet foods until you are maintaining your current weight over a couple of weeks. If you are still losing weight then gradually increase the amount you eat, if you are gaining weight then reduce the carbs ASAP.


And that is the south beach diet in a nutshell. No need to count calories, just eat the correct foods and stave off hunger.

Search around our website for lists of foods that you can eat in each phase. The links are also listed above.

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