Paleo Recipes

The Paleo lifestyle encourages a way of life that closely resembles that of our primitive hunter-gatherer ancestors. Society today is very particular with the food that they eat because of the healthy lifestyle that they want to lead. While most modern weight loss plans encourage dieters to avoid fatty foods like animal fat, heavy cream and butter, Paleo recipes make use of these, and other foods, that are high in saturated fats. On the other hand, Paleo recipes focus more on what the ancient people believe that the body needs.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of Paleo recipes that could be followed by people today. Whatever the case may be, most recipes include a diet that is rich with meats; therefore, eating a lot of protein is essential in completing this diet. Those that follow this program can expect a lot of red meat and fatty food.

While Paleo recipes are high in protein, they tend to be extremely low in carbohydrates. Grains and sugars should be almost entirely avoided by people who are aiming to make this lifestyle change. The results from following this diet is that food is a lot harder to burn as compared to other food types in other diets. Many of these foods are mass-produced and are therefore thought to contain unnatural ingredients which are difficult to digest. When deciding which products are acceptable, it is always a good idea to ask one simple question: Would my ancestors have recognized this as food?

Though Paleo recipes do not make use of refined sugars, Paleo dieters are encouraged to eat as many fruits, vegetables and berries as they would like. In some occasions, it is also important to consume berries and other organic produce depending on its availability and season. To some extent, the area in which you live will dictate whether you can recreate Paleo recipes using only locally grown produce, or whether you will need to branch out and consider imported and frozen produce.

Dairy products are not wholly prominent in Paleo recipes. While milk is almost never used, many Paleo recipes will call for butter or heavy cream. These ingredients will help provide dieters with the saturated fat that is so important to the diet plan, while avoiding the digestive issues that can come with ingesting most diary products.

The Paleo lifestyle promotes a healthy and balanced way of living. In comparison to our ancestors who followed this diet plan, they too endured a lot of running due to hunting game for food. Avid Paleolithic followers usually refrain from using artificial exercises such as the use of fitness centers and weights since it doesnt adhere to the natural way a body should develop muscles. Most avoid gyms and weight rooms, instead building muscle through isometric exercises, or anything that uses the body’s own weight as resistance. If you are interested in learning more about Paleo lifestyles, there are a number of books and step by step plans available.

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