Paleo Diet Criticism

The paleolithic diet plan, or simply Paleo as it is usually called is sometimes looked on as a fad diet. But is it? Does it work or is all the Paleo Diet Criticism well founded?

Well, we are about to find out. Firstly, what is this miracle weight loss idea? It was born out of the theory that our ancestors, the cavemen, didn’t eat processed food and so the theory goes, that this is a much more natural approach.

Paleo Diet Criticism can be found all over the internet. Critics of paleo suggest that it is capable of causing all sorts of damage. But is it true.

Paleo Diet Criticism

Firstly does the paleo system work? Well, yes it does. And it seems to work very well. Although the Paleo diet receives a lot of criticism there is no denying the fact that it does work, in fact people who try the diet out report amazing results. So why all the critics?

What are the Paleo Diet Critics saying?

the paleo critics are they right?Well the main point people usually start with is that paleo can be hard work. And to be fair, it is harder than not being on the diet and preparing meals does take a little bit of effort. But then which diet isn’t a little work? Worth while things in life do take effort.

Paleo can be a way of life and it does take some preparation with meals and a little planning with what you are going to eat.

The criticism however can be much harsher than this.

Some people even stretch to suggesting that it can be dangerous to practice; the paleo diet criticism sometimes suggests that you may be harming yourself just going on the caveman diet. Paleo is designed to be a natural way of life, the way our cavemen ancestors used to survive before the advent of mcdonalds and the fast food industry. What could be more natural than eating the way our ancestors did?

Another point that the critics sometimes raise is that we need to exercise more rather than go on some crazy fad diet. This has been proven to be untrue, although there is a clear link between exercise and weight, neither diet alone nor exercise alone is a recipe for a healthy lifestyle, both are needed to remain healthy and maintain a steady weight.

Can Paleo Diet Flaws be completely quashed?

No way. Whatever we do in life there will always be critics and people with different beliefs. And that’s fine, not everybody wants to live the paleo life and there will always be people who find faults with this way of life.

another paleo diet critique is that the shear amount of meat intake is bad for you (See atkins diet foods list for more meat diet information!). This accusation is founded on media hype rather than scientific fact. Meat is not the only dish on the menu. In fact some paleos actually eat more plants that meat, silencing the critics of paleo. Veg, plants and meat are on the menu as you can see from our paleo diet shopping list.

So why are there so many paleo diet critics? It is simply that they dont have all the evidence in front of them and so voice their paleo diet criticism. When really if they did even a little research they would see that the criticism is unfounded. Paleo is becoming an accepted and scientifically viable weight loss method, as well as being seen as a healthy way of life. Some even claim that you can fend off cancer. Im not sure about that but if it was good enough for the cavemen then there is no reason why it shouldn’t be good enough for you.



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