Paleo: A New Way Of Life

Paleo recipes and the lifestyle that is associated with them have been steadily growing in popularity. This is a way of life that centers on maintaining a diet and living a lifestyle that is more like our hunting and gathering ancestors than the diet that most people consume today. Food rich in saturated fat such as butter, cream, and animal fat are examples of food that we try to refrain from today. On the other hand, Paleo recipes focus more on what the ancient people believe that the body needs.

Those who browse through a collection of Paleo recipes might be struck by the amount of meat that is recommended in this diet. Whatever the case may be, most recipes include a diet that is rich with meats; therefore, eating a lot of protein is essential in completing this diet. Depending on the plan that you are following, some Paleo experts suggest only eating free range, organic meats, while others are less strict about the provenance of your protein.

High protein Paleo recipes are often low in carbohydrate content. Almost no grains should be eaten by those who are trying this plan, and sugar should be avoided as well. Processed foods with a high preservative content are completely discouraged. Alcohol, carbonated beverages and sugary juices must also be avoided at all costs. Many of these foods are mass-produced and are therefore thought to contain unnatural ingredients which are difficult to digest. When deciding which products are acceptable, it is always a good idea to ask one simple question: Would my ancestors have recognized this as food?

Though Paleo recipes do not make use of refined sugars, Paleo dieters are encouraged to eat as many fruits, vegetables and berries as they would like. In some occasions, it is also important to consume berries and other organic produce depending on its availability and season. There is no limit to the amount of organic fruits to be consumed. There are a lot of places where people can get a hold of these ingredients such as locally grown organic produce, and to some extent, canned and frozen produce as well..

Dairy is generally frowned upon by Paleo recipes. In order for people to do this, it is important that they occasionally use butter and cream to complete the dishes that are needed by the body to consume. These ingredients will help provide dieters with the saturated fat that is so important to the diet plan, while avoiding the digestive issues that can come with ingesting most diary products.

Like all successful diet plans, people need to consider that fact that proper exercise should be done. While fresh, all-natural Paleo recipes play an important role in maintaining a healthy body, a steady workout regimen is thought to be just as important. Avid Paleolithic followers usually refrain from using artificial exercises such as the use of fitness centers and weights since it doesnt adhere to the natural way a body should develop muscles. Steady, slow workouts in a gym environment are generally frowned upon as these are a recent invention and do not fit in with any type of ancient lifestyle.

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