Indisputable Alkaline Water Benefits – Visual Proof

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Alkaline Water and diet Principles – recommended to boost Your Immune System and make your health problems go away. Great for weight loss.

*all weight problems and digestion problems start in the gut, fix the root cause by getting your body in optimal performance. Alkalyze your body and get your energy back.

SUPER good for athletes. HELPFUL for folks with gastrointestinal issues, type 2 diabetes, arthritis & a whole lot more.

3 scientific ways Alkaline Water Benefits the human body. 1) Alkalinity 2) Antioxidant property 3) Super hydrating. In this video, I demonstrate he dangers of bottled water and the benefits of alkaline water.

If you really want to help your body from the inside-out, visit the website above and purchase the ANESPA, which will remove all the chlorine from your bathwater and make it alkaline. It is best used if you can soak in the water for an extended period of time in a walk in tub, similar product:

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How to make Alkaline Water

Alkaline lemon water is so important for or daily lives. Watch this video and learn how to make some at home for yourselves!


Also This is the jar I used:


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40 thoughts on “Indisputable Alkaline Water Benefits – Visual Proof

  1. This is complete utter bullshit. At 10:50 : in normal water the molecules are too big for your body to absorbe them. You're fucking trolling right?

  2. Some Doctors here say that if drinking too much alkaline water will almost nutralize acid in our stomach and you will never digest food adn vitamines properly

  3. lactic acid is not responsible for delayed onset muscle soreness, it is merely responsible for the muscle burn felt while exercising.

  4. So funny that people want to microwave their foods with radiation, they want to burn their brains with wifi, they want to ingest any chemical the government says is ok. But when someone shows you that look water is your engine oil, when you change it use pure non contaminated water. They are like "no" give me the cheap stuff, dont worry about it I'll be ok. I laugh and drink my ionized water ever day, as well as my dog too. He's 10 years old and no health problems. Your a great person to want to save people, you look healthy like you've been saved already. Good job, great video!

  5. You seem like a nice guy who believes what he is saying, but the lack of real science here is pretty hard to swallow. You start with acid=bad and alkaline=good. It is an oversimplification that colors the rest of the entire argument. There is so much money being made off of this stuff, and invariably when I see someone pushing it, they also happen to have a financial stake in it. IF you truly believe water with more alkalinity is good for you and want to try it, you could add baking soda ( $15 for 50 LBS in bulk) and make enough water for a year+

  6. Hi my name is Joanne can you tell me some places I can go to city get some alkaline water.

  7. dream tree Alkaline Water we sale 9.5 and 10.5 in Brackettville across from post office
    sign up as a member and your water 9.5 will be 9.5 and for 1.00 10.5 Tue 1pm to 5 pm
    Wed. Thur 1pm to 5 pm

  8. Why is acidic water bad for you?  Why won't anyone answer the question. what does low pH mean?  Yeah it's "acidic" but I need more than that.  So far, everyone has stopped at that point without an explanation. Stupidity.

  9. soda is shite, but I doubt there is a miracle water. granted tap water can be full of trace chemicals that are poisonous, but thats nothing a good ol' water filter wont fix. this reminds me of its always sunny in philidelphia – gun fever still hot

  10. WHEN YOU WHAT THE WHAT!!!! the fuck did you just sayyyyy.

    Oh hey is that the Zalmic mic? nice, best mic period. better than Blue's mics.

  11. buy an ionizer….the water makes you buzz!

    lemons do have a net alkalizing effect, but they still have plenty of acid. adding bicarb to lemon water cancels the acid and also creates bubbles so its like lemonade :)

  12. The water is acidic, just like most all of the water we consume, however, it is converted to an alkaline when it comes into contact with our body.  I know this does not make any sense but, it's basic biochemistry.

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