Consolidation Phase

The consolidation phase of the Dukan diet is essential. This is the time where you are most likely to slip back into your old routine and pile the weight back on.

You can still eat everything you could on the Cruise phase but with the addition of a few more foods.

You can now eat 1 serving of lamb and roast pork weekly and you may also have uncured cooked ham, you are not limited to extra lean. (more…)

Cruise Phase

The Dukan diet cruise phase. Congratulations you have made it through the attack phase and now want to move on and continue to get to your perfect weight.

When you move onto the cruise phase you can still eat the protein you were eating during attack but you can also now add into your diet the following veg: (more…)

Attack Phase Food List

Below is a list of the foods you can eat during phase one of the Dukan diet, the attack phase. Note that this list is also available on the dukan website.

Attack Phase Dukan Diet

The attack phase usually lasts seven days but may be a little longer or a little shorter depending on your metabolism.

You are also allowed to eat 1.5 tablespoons of Oat bran every day, which is great for breaking up the protein…..And you should drink as much water as you can (If alkaline water is your thing see, how to make your own alkaline water with baking soda).

So, here is the list of foods you can eat during the attack phase of Dukan:

Dukan Diet Attack Phase


Dukan diet

The Dukan diet was invented by a doctor by the name of Pierre Dukan over 30 years ago. Born in 1941 Pierre is a French nutritionist and practicing medical doctor.

The Dukan diet was first dreamed up to avoid low calorie diets or diets that require very small meal sizes. it was also the choice of the duchess of Cambridge before her wedding…she lost two dress sizes.

Like many fast weight loss systems the diet relies on a staged approach and it relies on you cutting something out of your diet. The Dukan diet relies heavily on protein, you eat lots of it! (more…)