Beijing snacks of history

Tea series including tea, camellia, XingRenCha, MianCha, etc OuFen eight or nine varieties, each species is manual craft, through thick, medium and thin three times sieving and become, 1 catty powder through such multiple-refined treatments.and often there are six two more. Eat when wen shui tone powder, boiled water blunt steeps, complementary with brown sugar, sugar, s.s.

walnuts, sesame, osmanthus seasoning and so on, with special long handle little copper spoon nibble the dipping the eat, can not stir, otherwise it doesn’t taste good, should let sugar infiltrated slowly down inside, such tea tea until thickened and not be bored with, the sweet continous fine. The origin of the yuan dynasty tea began the founder of Kublai Khan.

Initially, the designed for unity BaYe Kublai Khan, establishing the yuan dynasty and in north and south, have to be obsessed with three meals didn’t guarantee, suppress to suppress to come up with a way, namely the surface with the ox bone marrow and oil. Stir fry ripe with me, hungry with boiled water, so convenient blunt eat many, this is oil Fried noodles, now we also call him camellia, but also the first prototype of tea.

The founder of li LiBingZhong good tea thinking, we have revolutionized, discovered the corn millet meters ground into noodles son, with boiled water blunt ripe, sticky, sweet, if can again poured sugar, the meeting is more delicious. Hence, he made according to the discovery, delicious tea leaves. Even the water in the big plates also is to have cultured. How to design, how to make, put much cavity son how much water loaded coal, add, there are the pot below JinDou board, that but plays to achieve role.

Each piece in the basin of remaining powder, not ordinary eil bowl. Old Beijing snacks, is able to spread far-reaching, but he himself is tempting delicious, manages the home and often a wonderful rose from generation to generation. December 1997 Beijing overpass tea making tea leaves, lee restaurants by China cuisine association awarded the first national Chinese snacks title.

JiaShen Kyoto in GuoQingRui poem praise China time-honored brand tea lee Appreciating waft mi food sweet soft continous toughening strong. Noodles in soup Lee record osmanthus TangLiao good shackled close fill atrial Rice money NiuJie, file an ancestral home gate NiuJie the forefathers of reproduction place, since will cause a lot of childhood memories. NiuJie has a thousand years of history of the mosque.

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