Atkins Diet Product Reviews: Atkins Frozen Food

I was asked by Atkins Nutritional to do a product review on their new lineup of frozen dinners. I am excited by this group of products both for myself and those just starting the Diet. These products are all 6g net carbs or less and should be acceptable for all phases of the diet. I am often asked questions by those just starting who don’t know how to cook and simply want something as easy and quick as they used to eat. Often times, these people fall into hot dogs and green beans syndrome. Where they are eating quick processed foods with little nutrition. I see these meals as a delicious step up from those meals.

Personally, I would use these meals when traveling and as a means to not have to eat out every meal. Often times when traveling, I will have a room fridge with freezer and a microwave, and these would a way to have a good meal whether for breakfast or dinner. If you didn’t feel like cooking, these meals would definitely be a good option.

The only nits I have would be the same nits with any preportioned foods. They are typically “one size fits all” foods, and the meals were a bit small for me. They were good size and value for most, but being active, I would typically have a bit more. I know some will complain about the ingredients in the less 2% area of the ingredients, like potato starch or modified food starch, but I am not concerned for myself. The amounts are minimal, and while I might talk about it in terms of perfection. The meal is certainly no worse than going out and eating those foods.

I really think these foods will benefit a lot of new low carbers who are adjusting to the diet and need an easy way to adopt the lifestyle. I hope though that they’ll learn to make these foods for themselves too in time.
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  1. Hi Kent, i liked your review, but not sure i would buy frozen because it never tatstes as good as freshly made, love watching your recipe videos, keep up good work.

  2. i have been on the diet for a year and a half …one question i have… i have a rib rub that says its 0 carb… but thats per quarter tbspn. but i use alotta rub on a rack of ribs… so is it still 0 carb if i used it liberally?

  3. I was thrilled to hear about the meals & they taste good except for the Italian sausage .. that one is way off, like it is bad … BUT I have two Cons; the cost, but I have a bunch of $2 off coupons so I wont complain and the fact that using them I lost negligible weight on induction 🙁 … this is not ,my first time on atkins but I was planning on it being the last time I went on it .. I have NEVER failed to lose 15lbs on induction so I was horrified to see a 2lb loss, especially as I was more diligent than I have ever been … in anycase I am starting over on induction sans the frozen meals!

  4. hello kent, thanks for your help videos. i just started atkins again due to drs visit and blood work my sugar is high and i need to lower it. btw i just tried BEEF MERLOT  dinner, not bad pretty tasty for a frozen meal . although i do my own cooking, these i will take to work where it is tough to find something good low carb, the price i wish was lower but i can handle it. thanks again

  5. Ohh gush! No frozen, processed food with full of GMOs in them. Don't buy them. Thanks God we don't have them in Canada. Well I ate some bars but I think I m done with them. I will try to make them myself. Kent has good recipes but after my induction hopefully. Guys please u can be on Atkins and eat healthy. 

  6. A Questbar (4 net carbs) is great for breakfast/snack. And they're fine during induction. Chase it with a tablespoon of coconut or olive oil.

  7. I found them all tasty except the eggs I just make myself, I don't think microwave egg products ever taste good.

    The only problem I have is that the SALT content is so high, and that's not necessary.

  8. Which one did you have? Like I said in my video, I found them to be mixed bag — some were good, but others didn't have nearly enough pieces of meat. They all were too small.

  9. the atkins frozen dinner i had was horrible. the meat was rubbery and had an awful taste. threw it away. Yuck!!!

  10. I love these meals! I eat one for lunch and one for dinner. These meals keep me full longer than weight watchers or lean cuisine. The others have rice, potato or noodles in them. I mush prefer meat and veggie.

  11. I have tried them all now. The turkey meal is pretty bland…but then a turkey dinner is rather bland. All the rest of the meals are quite good and I have one for lunch every day.

  12. And that is why you are the right (intelligent) market for these meals. Being able to discount the fear and phobia over fat is the first step to getting thin.

  13. I started eating these a week ago. I have tried nearly all of them – I am so impressed, flavor is excellent, and it's more 'real' food, no rice, pasta, or potato fillers. I always feel full when I'm done. Afraid of fat? that's the point of Low Carb – less carbs, your energy comes from burning fats, not carbs – especially empty carbs like pasta. Isn't that the reason to diet, to get rid of fat? Carbs burn first, so you need to burn off the carbs before your body starts burning the fat.

  14. I think you are missing the targeted audience for these meals. People on Atkins follow a HIGH fat LOW carb diet. Therefore saying something is high fat is intended by the company. Lean Cuisine however focuses on low fat and low Calories, and is for a different set of dieters.

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