20 thoughts on “Atkins Diet Induction Phase (1 week update) 10lb WEIGHT LOSS

  1. Hey everyone I have done this diet a few times and this time it is much easier when you get creative with your meals. I wrote down a list of ingredients all low carb and plugged them into a magical website called http://www.supercook.com. It will then generate recipes based on what you have listed. Then you can scan the specific brands you have into myfitnesspal and save great recipes while tracking exactly how many carbs you have eaten! Also, on youtube an awesome guy you can check out for recipes is Kent Altena! Hope this this helps for those that wonder the heck to eat!

  2. Thank you for this. I like the strips and I've never heard of them. I'm miserable at my weight and feel absolutely disgusting. Going to eat and crying?? It's terrible. I'm hoping with determination and following it strictly I can see a quick change. I am concerned that I will gain it back but then again, if I lose what I want… I can't see myself going back. Thank you for your video.

  3. I know you made this in 2012, But I just wanted to know can I just eat eggs on the first two weeks ?

  4. Isn't Dr Atkins that gentleman who ate his own diet long term and died overweight at 258 pounds with plaque in his arteries?

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience . I am getting ready to start Atkins next week. I did this once before and lost 16 lb  in a few weeks but I slowly started eating more carbs and the weight crept back on. I know now that it is about learning to eat healthy so you can live thin for life. Thank you for the info on the strips.

  6. Started this diet again.   Seems to be working About 4 or 5 pounds gone already in about the same number of days.  Everyday my keto stix is almost black.  🙂   Adding vegetables now (with lots of butter). 

  7. It's a low carb no sugar diet. You just said Low carb you should Google Something before making a video about it

  8. I've loss 11 pounds in first week of induction. It ain't easy but after a few days you will see the different. before this whenever I've felt hungry, I will eat a lots of junk food but these days, I just drink 3L water per day and trust me it will cover all your hunger feelings

  9. Atkins is great to kickstart a weight loss diet. Motivation is everything on a diet. Typically you lose 5 or 6 pounds a week on the induction phase. I started 4 days ago and have lost 4 pounds

  10. This diet is awesome! I lost a total of 56 pounds. And my started of at about 300 pounds, and now currently at 160 pounds. Them first two weeks ain't easy tho.

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