Perfect 2000 Calorie Diet Plan

If you are on a calorie controlled diet then nothing makes it easier than having it all laid out for you.

Below is the perfect diet plan for an adult on a 2000 daily calorie intake.

Note that this plan is for ADULTS ONLY. Children under the age of 18 will need different nutritional intake.

A 2000 calorie per day diet

Grains – 6 Ounces. Half your grain intake should be whole grain. You may be surprised to learn that whole grains are everywhere. Changing to wholegrain bread will make a huge difference and popcorn in itself is a wholegrain. Another trick could be to put barley in your vegetable soup, killing two birds with one stone.

Veg – 2.5 Cups. Your weekly diet should contain a mix of veg and you can mix it up as follows:

Dark green veggies – 1 1/2 cups. Cabbage, lettuce, leaks etc

Red & orange veggies – 5 1/2 cups. Carrots, peppers etc

Beans & peas – 1 1/2 cups. Butter beans, green beans, peas etc

Starchy veggies – 5 cups. Potatoes, Not fried, boiled or baked.

Other veggies – 4 cups.

Remember that frozen veg is good for you. Just because it is microwavable doesn’t mean it is junk food. Frozen veg contains more goodness than fresh and is much quicker to cook.

If you don’t like veg by itself maybe vegetable soup is the way to go. You can get nearly all of your intake from veg soup alone, but be careful about how much salt and sugar you might be getting as well.

Fruits – 2 Cups. Variety is the spice of life, and essential when it comes to eating. Eat a large variety of fruit or you will get bored. Remember that fruit juice is good for you but you also need whole fruit.

One thing to keep in mind is that many juices that you think are healthy might be loaded with sugar.

Dried fruits are a great snack and will trick your brain into thinking it is getting a sugary treat.

Dairy – 3 Cups. Calcium rich foods are essential. Milk is a good start but you can also eat yogurts and cheese. Fat free versions if possible.

Choose skimmed milk as it has much less fat in it. Milkshakes are a good way to get your dairy intake but beware of sugary ones.  A better option is to make it yourself from fruit and skimmed milk, that way you know there is no sugar in it.

Protein – 5.5 Ounces. Protein is something that most people don’t seem to have a problem cramming into their diet. Unfortunately this is where most people gain those extra calories. Seafood is a great source of protein and you should eat it twice a week. Beans, peas, nuts and seeds are all a great source of protein. Poultry and red meat should be kept to lean pieces as this is where extra calories may sneak in.

Skinless chicken is a great protein source with virtually no fat in it.

Whilst dieting you need to keep an eye on your fat and sugar intake. You should limit yourself to six teaspoons of oil per day and 260 calories in sugar and solid fats.

Variety is key

A varied diet is essential but as long as you stick to the above weights and eat from all the food groups it will make for a varied and nutritious 2000 calorie diet.

Exercise helps

Exercise should be part of your overall life. Doctors recommend 150 minutes per week, which isn’t really that much if you spread it out over the week. A brisk walk, cycling or swimming are all good forms of exercise.

Hopefully the above has helped a lot but if you need more info the government website choosemyplate has lots more useful advise and tips.


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