10 Paleo Dinner Recipes

10 Paleo Dinner Recipes
To make things easier, we've compiled a list of 10 paleo dinner recipes that are sure to please any food-lover, paleo or not. Cindy's Paleo Harvest Chili. Shutterstock/mama_mia. Cindy's paleo chili is packed with nutrients and protein. With fall fast …
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Bad news for Paleo dieters: Stone Age people ate porridge, say researchers
The Paleolithic diet is a trendy food craze based on the premise that our digestive systems are best designed to consume the kinds of foods our Paleolithic ancestors ate, in a time before agriculture. That has been presumed to mean a diet rich in meat …
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Another Blow to the Paleo Diet: Cavemen Made Their Own Flour
Sure, eating a low-carb, high-veggie diet isn't a bad way to live. But adherents of the paleo diet also say it's a way to eat like our ancestors did—and that theory has been called into question lately. First, researchers discovered that cavemen ate …
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