The Alkaline Diet

The alkaline dietDoes this revolutionary diet work? We provide all the information you need to try the alkaline diet.It has been shown that by balancing the acidity levels in your body you can also reduce disease, have more energy and lose weight.Everything you need to try this diet:

Paleo Diet

The paleo dietThe famous Paleo diet. What is it and will it work for you?Being on the Paleo diet is like being back in the caveman days! It relies on you eating like our ancestors did all those years ago.Everything you need to try this diet:

Atkins Diet

the atkins diet

Im not sure any diet has had any more bad press than Atkins. Surely it can’t all be true. People are losing weight by eating burgers and fish and avoiding fruit and veg.

Any meat lover can’t help but be attracted to the Atkins diet!


 South Beach Diet

One of the most famous weight loss systems of recent times. The south beach diet has been called an Atkins copy, but is it that similar? What can you eat on the south beach diet and what are all the phases about?

Dukan Diet

he dukan diet, Pierre dukanThe dukan diet was invented in France and is used by people the world over. This high protein diet is designed to help you lose weight quick but also to keep the weight off once it is gone.

Everybody needs a little diet advise now and again. There are hundreds of diet books available, but here are a few that we can’t praise enough.